Analytics Overview

Analytics - Whether big data or deep insight, Adante offers a range of products and services for organizations at all stages of data science adoption. Click on the numbered blue headings to learn more:

1. Adante's Insurance Analytics: Adante understands unique industry challenges: Data may originate in multiple source systems, or it may be raw transaction data, or while your Analytics program may be well established your main challenge may be to find cost-effective and experienced resources who exceed expectations in both short and long term.  Adante can provide all this and more.

2. Analytics in Days™: Adante offers Analytics in Days™ (AID), an analytics software-as-a-service platform that includes ongoing support from data scientists, data management experts, and analytics insight services. When combined uniquely to serve your priorities, these services deliver integrated, "out-of-the-box" analysis, deep inspection, visualization tools, regular reports and analytic projects, that accelerate and cost-effectively maintain or enhance longer term analytics programs. AID is more timely and affordable than internal analytics programs, and includes everything you need, when you need it, for a fixed monthly fee, at lower risk. 

3. Predictive Analytics: Data science is not a new concept in the Insurance industry. Success is based on the ability of smart people to predict frequency and severity of risks - planning the future based on past experience, and knowledge of trends and future events. Having access to more data, and more past experience, improves prediction. Insurance companies have long observed patterns and applied statistics, and mathematics, to create success. Modern data science creates potential for better and deeper insight. Industry-experienced data scientists better differentiate between two "similar-looking" risks to harvest business value. Where are those rare events that you want to know may be non random?  We combine experienced, timely, predictive science with fast and cost effective support that helps you better realize the value of data.  

4. Adante Analytics Consulting: Whether big data, insight analytics, predictive analytics, business intelligence, or deeply technical management of legacy data so it can be better mined, we help you harvest better value from your analytics program. Easily lost in the shuffle are six critical questions:

  • what's meaningful and important?
  • how can you find it?
  • how can you use it?
  • how can you solve your unique challenges to get there?
  • what do you need to do next?
  • how can I do all this more cost effectively, within acceptable timelines, and with reasonable risk?

Our strategy, planning, and analytics roadmap methodology focuses your data science program on optimizing business value. Click here to also see three more fundamental questions that successful data science strategies also address. 

Prioritize what's deeply important, and focus there first: Growing sales? Optimizing pricing? Reducing claims? Harvesting real-time Internet-of-Things data? Social Media? Our consulting team helps find, define, prioritize and execute the most relevant projects, using a proven approach that begins producing meaningful analysis sooner than you might expect. See our implementation and execution services here

5. Benefits of Analytics: The results are in; the benefits are clear.  

We've been doing this for years. Our analytics, modelling, and tools stand on their own merits, that can also inform strategy, performance, and risk initiatives. Take advantage of our state-of-the-art analytics and expertise. Click here to also learn more about Adante's Analytics Consulting practice.  Click here to also see our project services. ‎

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