Whether it is Big Data, Analytics, Business Intelligence, or something else, data has massive value that everyone is talking about. But easily lost in the shuffle can be three critical questions:

  • what's meaningful?
  • how would we use it?
  • what do we need to do?

Adante offers a two pronged analytics service:

  • if you have an internal analytics program that you'd like to use to drive better results, we can help through discrete projects, or 
  • if you're in your early days, we can fast track your way to immediate insights and advanced data science analytics, for a fixed ongoing fee. 

Most analytics projects are framed in terms of hardware, complex algorithms, or choosing software. We focus on the results that you need, and the insight you require.  We bring proven tools, and because of experience, and what we have "on the shelf", we get you started or what you need in days. We focus analytics in support of your business priorities.

Whether it's linking Marketing data with external sources and analysis, or sales data that needs to be better understood, or internal operations data that needs deep inspection and integration before insight is valuable, we can help. 

Our services include:

  • insight analytics
  • simulation to understand ranges of future outcomes
  • predictive modelling to help focus business activities
  • advanced statistical analytics integrated with external data, like psychographics to understand market propensities, or integrating surveys, operations, and other internal data sources
  • data management / cleansing (commonly called extract, transform and load or ETL) and data base management
  • developing key visualizations or dashboards or other tools to make complex, dense data more understandable
  • technology services, including tools, and approaches, and
  • project management for larger internal initiatives

We've been doing this for years. Our analytics, modelling, and tools stand on their own merrits, and also benefit strategy, performance, and risk projects.  Take advantage of our state-of-the-art analytics.  

Go here for information on Analytics in Days; and go here to get our take on Predictive Analytics.  

Contact us to see how we can tailor our services for you.  Or read our "Analytics in Days" whitepaper, here