Process Improvement and Implementation

Execution and Business Process Improvement underpin effective change. They are how we approach critical implementation activities. A great outcome is not just the natural result of a good idea.  It is carefully planned, and implemented.  You do things in the right order.  You Plan. You Design. You Implement. You Communicate.  The following tools, skills and project elements are part of the underpinning tool kit we apply on many projects. 

1. Strategic Plan Implementation

We don't stop with a great strategy. We bring a "Framework to Implement" to our strategy clients.  The Framework digs into the next level.  It brings three key elements into clear focus:

  • the implementation plan
  • implementation monitoring tools 
  • feedback for course correction.  

Having a great strategy and executing a great strategy well is ... immeasurably more satisfying, on many levels. We support you, we work with you.  At every level.  Keeping the eye on the prize. 

2. Execution and Change Management

Implementing change and driving successful results is a challenge for many organizations. Implementation is the first challenge. Making sure a new solution which is supposed to be superior actually is an improvement is sometimes a challenge in its own right. A late project sometimes jettisons key functionality. Staff may "like" the old way. It may be so tailored and customized that it was "perfect" for last year's work model.

We understand this challenge at two levels:

  • Strategy Implementation - supports management with program design, and many other tools (like analytics, business intelligence, KPIs and Dashboards) as part of programming success into your strategies
  • Program implementation - looks at how we change programs to improve it to better meet goals. This may involve systems, organization changes, new or changed processes or other approaches. 

And still, implementation is only one facet. There are many reasons change can prove challenging. But generally, the more people who are affected, the bigger the challenge. The major levers of change management or people, processes, technology and organization structure. These levers, in varying degrees, with clear communications, and improved tools and a refined future state vision, are key elements of making change successful. 

3. Lean & Six Sigma Methods

We bring qualified depth to LEAN and SIX SIGMA projects.  Our black belts have the concepts, tools, and techniques to identify superior process designs, eliminate waste and provide more streamlined flows and raise quality. These methods apply in a variety of forms and formats, including:

  • Kaizen Workshops
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Waste Analysis and Reduction

We can work with you, lead a project, or mentor your team. ‎

4. Performance Improvement

Performance improvement is the concept of measuring the outcome of a particular activity, process or procedure, then modifying it to increase its output, efficiency, and/or its effectiveness.  As a company that believes and is committed to achieving better results for our clients, we can help you to improve your performance.

5. Project Management

We have a wide range of project management tools, approaches and solutions to launch critical projects successfully, and to keep them on track.  Our philosophy is articulated in our blog. While we often highlight big projects, because the lessons are more easily seen there, projects that are in trouble, we can also assist them. See our project services. ‎