Project Management

Underpinning everything, is our approach to Project and Program Management.  It's not about tasks, it's about results. Predictably, and with low risk. Our project and program management services bring experienced managers to the team. Whether you have a single critical project, a program incorporating many related projects, or a need to review the overall project portfolio, we have the tools, methods and experience to help.

Our Perspective on projects is a little unique, shaped by our research into and experience with project risk and project risk reduction, some which are described in our blog.  Our definition of a project, is "A group of people who are given resources to do something no one of them could do alone."  Yes, the classic project management tools are important, but so is leadership, focus, crisp business cases and clear goals and outcomes. This latter list is a critical underpinning in our work on projects, and is a large part of how we distinguish ourselves in complex project activities. We describe one aspect of our approach more fully in the blog entry "Launch Conditions" which we see as essential reading for the start of every large project. Our services includes:

1. PMO Design, Review and Support

We help our clients to set up and implement PMOs. A key goal of a PMO, as we see it, is to systematically improve every project it touches. This only comes as a benefit with a clear focus on measurement and evaluation, accurate score keeping, and a commitment to project reviews. Well-implemented, these tools help drive whole clusters of projects to succesful closure.  This service is critical for enterprises with large project portfolios.

2. Program and Project Management Tools

In addition to extensive experience with projects, PMOs and program management, we have powerful tools at our disposal to get project certainty back on the table.  We understand the interconnected nature of better planning, better reporting, and clearer visibility. Outcomes matter in projects - and we have strong approaches, supported by excellent tools to deliver you the results you need. Often implemented to support larger, more integrated programs, or where there is complex outsourcing that needs to be tracked, our project management solutions can help your people get on top of their game and your suppliers, Focus on quality and outcomes, not adminstrative management.   ‎

3. Project Review, Turnaround and Support

When projects go over-budget and time, several things are clear.  First, they rarely ever get back on track.  Second, a disturbing number go so far south that they should be killed off before they do uncontrollable damage. But many can be rescued - though the rescue itself may require a reset and recommitment to the project. If you want to fix a project that's going in the wrong direction, then we can help - our structured approach looks at eight key elements as part of diagnosing the situation: from the business case and original plan to the project management approach to the role of partners and sponsors, and others.

4. Training and Workshops

Adante provides custom workshops and training for senior project personnel on key general project management effectiveness, risk reduction, success practices, PMOs and related topics. 

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