Risk Management

To say that risk is everywhere is trite. But reducing risk and uncertainty remains critical for successful organizations. Risk is the other half of strategy - strategy addresses "where we are going." Risk management addresses "what can stop us?"

Our senior team can help you get a grip on the risks, the overall risk management program, and help to manage those risks that imperil success. A focused approach, zeroing in on risks that are important - and developing workable, manageable plans to manage them.  We can bring advice, process guidance, experience and approaches that work.

1. Operational Risk Management 

You do this already. Almost certainly. Sometimes deliberately. Sometimes without knowing it. The question is, are you spending the right amount of time, money and effort on it? And are you getting the most out of it. Operational risk is at the core of your business. If you're in manufacturing, it may include quality and supply chain risks. If you're in drug development it may be about being aligned with Good Research Practice, if you're an insurer it's probably underwriting and other related risks.  Your approach to these challenges can sometimes develop in response to pressures, not as a result of a systematic approach to the challenges.  

When it's time to develop a coordinated approach, we can help.  Contact us to see how we can tailor our services for you.

2. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Planning

Enterprise Risk Management becomes essential at a certain size. Or if your regulator requires it. Getting a coordinated grip on how you are managing the headwinds you face is essential, and the point.  For financial sector firms, in pharma, for businesses with multi-country operations, in industries with regulatory oversight, and many others, ERM can be the key that helps you stay on top of continuously evolving situations.  If you have the scale and you don't do ERM, then you may not know what risk management your people are doing.  We can help you develop the tools to implement the full program. 

Adante has helped found a related company RiskOnBoard, which focuses on helping Boards and Senior Management to understand and implement Enterprise Risk Management Strategies.  Almost no matter how well prepared you think you are, there are always risks that can bite and catch you unaware.  We can't make business risk-free, but we can help you prevent being knocked off course and off-plan by a wide range of risks and events. To learn more about ERM services go to RiskOnBoard.com

3. Technology Risk

You're under pressure to cut costs, to improve response time, and to run more projects with the same or fewer staff.  Okay, but how do you do that and still stay ahead of the risks in all the new technologies.  In Cloud.  In BYOD. In SaaS and IaaS and PaaS? Which vendors can we trust? Where will our data be?  Who can access it?  Are we safe on privacy?  We can look at individual services that you offer, or take a holistic view of the IT program. 

4. Project Risk Management

Usually we get called when it's already off the rails.  Should we continue or kill it?  Is it worth more money?  Can we salvage a win from this? Projects are surprisingly hard.  We can help in two really critical ways;

  • For a project that is already off the rails, an independent assessment can be critical to a restart and to helping senior management be confident that version 2 will be better. 
  • For a critical project that is about to start - sometimes an extra hand can be vital.  Your staff are busy, they do "this project stuff" part time while tending to their day job, and while no one actually says "Good let's go, and be sure to set it up for failure" that too often is an outcome.  Our senior project managers can bring you our Project Monitoring Service, to make sure that you start off on a good track and then stay there.


Contact us to see how we can tailor our services for you.