Strategy & Transformation

Some of the most complex challenges can arise when you need to re-think core assumptions. Your business model. Your product strategy. Service Delivery changes. Technology change. Revenues under pressure.  How do we cope with a permanently high currency, or a fluctuating this, or a challenged that....  Strategy.  It can be broad, or it can be focused.   

Adante's team can work with you and help you to identify your best opportunity set.  Your best strategy.  Make the right decisions at the right time for your organization. We organize the work into the following areas and can tailor a project blending these elements as required. 

Successful organizations have nailed the four key challenges - strategy, governance, risk, and execution.  While each has its own attributes, together they combine to underpin excellence. Many topics develop from here, including leadership, culture, organization, R&D, and many others, but they are all underpinned by a solid foundation in these four elements.  

1. Strategic Planning - Three Critical Questions

Strategic planning, in all its many forms and levels of complexity, ultimately must answer three fundamental questions:

  1. What is our medium term direction?  (or Where are we going?)
  2. How will we get there? (or What is our Plan?)
  3. How will we ‎know when we get there? (or What measurements and key performance indicators are required?)

We provide strategic planning services to multiple levels in ‎the organization: Corporate, Business Unit and Functional. The way that we approach strategic planning depends on the client and the goals - it's highly tailored to you.  The focus of a plan itself is determined by the scope, ‎the goals, and the expectations from the planning process. There are a variety of ‎perspectives, models and approaches used in strategic planning, and we always ‎choose the ones that are most suitable to meet our client needs.

We can provide market research, deep dive analysis and analytics services as part of ‎our strategy planning practice, as required. We believe strongly that business decisions should be based on facts and ‎concrete data. We help our clients to distill and to synthesize the important, relevant ‎and required data to make the right decisions for the organization. ‎

Some elements of the service, or sometimes the foundation of a project, can be any of:

  • facilitation and workshops, including Board/Management workshops
  • governance consulting, including Board Development
  • current state analysis, including competitive situation, and market situation
  • customer analytics, including profitability, retention, and other issues.
  • goal driven strategy 
  • opportunity analysis
  • strategic option analysis
  • developing a full strategic plan
  • strategic plan project identification. 

2. Transformation

Sometimes it's critical to tackle "practically everything."  Change, threats or opportunity present you with a reason to have a radical re-think of your whole "business model." Or your "service model." Transformation is complex - and transformation leaders know that.  Leading big change is a big job. Transformation planning is a special case of strategic planning - and the projects that come from it are more "programs."

3. Business Planning 

Sometimes a subset of strategic ‎planning, sometimes a project in its own right. Developing a business plan is sometimes the most urgent activity. A clear business plan can be a critical document to set out a direction for a year or two.  It can set goals, establish measurement frameworks, and be the key to delivering results. Often the most critical activity for entrepreneurial firms looking for funding, or to get to the next level. If a business plan is the next step, call us.  ‎

4. Customer Analytics

A surprisingly overlooked area for many businesses is customer analytics (actually, almost all analytics). Understanding customers inside and out. Knowing what they're telling you through their many complex interactions. From customer satisfaction surveys to buying patterns to customer behavior and profitability.  All aspects of marketing, and blending strategic insight with customer data - we can help design and implement customer analysis models. Analytics is one of our core services - go here for more information. 

5. Implementation (Or Execution)

We don't just advise - we help implement. Implementation is the linkage between a good idea and a great result.  See our implementation services here

Contact us to see how ‎we can tailor our services for you.