Analytics in Days

Need to understand your best customers, grow sales or stop defections, or better manage the channel, pricing, new products, or optimize re-insurance options?  Get on top of a worrying trend by letting us help you be sure where to start.

If you want "answers" more than you want an "analytics project" then consider Analytics In Days™. We take your raw, sometimes inconsistent transaction data that can be very hard to analyze, and we use our proven tools, our service experience, and work with your team, to provide several things:

  • advanced analytic results, often visualized on dashboards where it is easier for you drill into the data and output yourself
  • Much of the inititial analysis templates you may need in the first few months "on the shelf" that we will further customize to meet your requirements
  • a practical assessment of what can be done quickly, and how to get you the analysis and inisghts that are highest priority; 
  • a custom roadmap and timeline to getting you all the advanced analytics you want in support of the business;
  • FAST, for a fixed monthly fee!

For most clients, the first questions that Analytics should answer are in one of several categories:

  1. Identify where operations may be costing you dearly or are missing opportunities:  Really digging in to understand what's going on, in a market segment, a client group, a territory, a service or business unit, etc...
  2. Finding critical "needles in haystacks" of greatest business impact: Which customer group? Which market channel or sub-channel? Which locations? Which product line? Which promotion to what group? Which seemingly random events may not be random, and what are the causal not just correlating factors are most important?
  3. Predictive and Integrated Analytics - Figure out where to focus scarce resources for big effect. Go here to undertand our approach and capabilities in predictive analytics

And because Analytics in Days is both a platform and a service, it grows with you, and evolves needed to suit your changing analytics requirements and priorities. And when you're done, you can walk away - you make no commitment to software costs, or licenses, or hardware fees, or resources.  We support and retain all this for you.  

Finally, because it is an integrated platform and service, the annual costs are quite modest - and generally much less than if you could do it yourself, both in total cost of ownership and analytics output, and in ability to maintain a sustained competitive advantage from analytics.  

Read the Analytics In Days white paper here

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