Strategic Risk at CP Rail - An Emerging Case Study

We often tell clients in our Board Risk Workshops that when risks get out of control, you may need to exit a business or line. While boards and management get...Read more

Strategy and Target Canada

It seemed like such a good idea.  A brilliant “strategy.”  Target, a smart, successful, well-run company by any measure was moving north to Canada.  Their basic reason for expansion –...Read more

Reporting or Analytics

A question we get sometimes is “I have pretty good reporting; do I really need analytics?”

Good reporting is good. But it’s not really analytics. Good reporting is almost always predicated on...Read more

Innovation, Disruption and Strategy

Our strategy practice has been working in some industries that are facing very complex (and disruptive) challenges in their distribution channels. One example might be the P&C (property and...Read more

Pitfalls to Avoid When Starting out with Analytics

You start with good intentions.  But the track record is that many analytics initiatives are often unsatisfying and sometimes abandoned entirely.  All while you keep hearing about the “successes” that...Read more

Reflections on Successful Organizations

We've been speaking at conferences a fair bit lately, on key topics for senior leaders. Strategy, Leadership, Risk, Governance. And we've been working with a lot of Boards and...Read more