Winning Strategies

Developing a winning strategy is a crucial first step for any organization that plans to do anything.  

Developing strategy requires consideration of your assets and strengths, the market, your goals, and how you intend to go about achieving your strategy. Strategy is about making choices - you can't do everything.  You choose to focus on certain things, and leave lower priorities for later.

First, agreement is required from those involved. Who's involved? Often the Board, Executives, Senior Management or the Leadership Team are critical to success.  They not only need to be onboard, they need to be engaged.  Achieving a goal usually involves at least some people doing something different from before.  How will you line up your assets and resources to achieve this goal?  Strategy investigation tools range from hardcore analyses of markets and products (and lots of other things) to workshops, and research, and industry consultations and stakeholder consultations and.... there are often too many tools and methods to choose from.  

Succesful companies master four key elements: Strategy, Risk, Governance, and Execution.  Click here to see the three critical questions successful strategies address.  It's not an accident that strategy comes first.  As the saying goes, "If you don't care where you're going, then any road is good". 

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