Large Projects

Big Projects and Delays

So it’s useful again to look at big projects, and the consequences of delays. Big projects, for many reasons, have complex risk profiles (see ...Read more

Project Success and Failure, 2011 Edition

So we last covered this subject over a year ago (see the original post), and the sad report was that...Read more

Lessons from Project Success and Failure Statistics

We continuously monitor the research on project failure rates recently to test our observations and to see if anything much is changing. Sadly, not much is changing.  First, here...Read more

Large Public Sector Projects

If it’s hard enough to run a large project, it’s often much harder to run a large public sector project.  Public sector projects are different.  You would think they...Read more

Large Projects - Some Successes

At the highest levels Mega-projects are really still only “big” projects – only bigger.  And while bigger matters, after a certain point, the risks and issues are similar to...Read more

Larger Projects are Harder

Big Projects are substantially harder than smaller projects, and not just in a linear way. A single $20M project will expose you to challenges you likely would never see...Read more

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