Risk Management

Strategic Risk at CP Rail - An Emerging Case Study

We often tell clients in our Board Risk Workshops that when risks get out of control, you may need to exit a business or line. While boards and management get...Read more

Risk Management with Analytics and Technology

An interesting thing is happening in Risk Management at the confluence of Analytics, Big Data, and Technology. And it's changing the way auditors, risk managers, and many operational executives...Read more

Of Linkages, Long Tails, and Big Risk

One of the very real issues with big risk scenarios, is that they often have complicated fallout and get linked up with other big issues of the day.  The...Read more

The Gulf Coast - A Case Study In Disaster Recovery

For everyone who wonders about Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery the unfortunate circumstances in the Gulf of Mexico are providing a living case study that many people will...Read more

When Lives are at Stake, Process Matters

A number of recent events have exposed the critical importance of boring, mundane core processes when what you do puts lives at risk.  And lives end up at risk...Read more

Growth and Quality are Natural Adversaries

This is the very painful lesson that Toyota is re-learning and taking to heart these days.  In what was an obviously a painful and somewhat humbling grilling in front...Read more

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