Strategic Risk at CP Rail - An Emerging Case Study

We often tell clients in our Board Risk Workshops that when risks get out of control, you may need to exit a business or line. While boards and management get...Read more

Strategy and Target Canada

It seemed like such a good idea.  A brilliant “strategy.”  Target, a smart, successful, well-run company by any measure was moving north to Canada.  Their basic reason for expansion –...Read more

Innovation, Disruption and Strategy

Our strategy practice has been working in some industries that are facing very complex (and disruptive) challenges in their distribution channels. One example might be the P&C (property and...Read more

Reflections on Successful Organizations

We've been speaking at conferences a fair bit lately, on key topics for senior leaders. Strategy, Leadership, Risk, Governance. And we've been working with a lot of Boards and...Read more

Nailing "R&D" in "normal" organizations

Some companies are really research intensive. Big Pharma. Chemical companies that produce complex products. Some Consumer Goods or Consumer Electronics firms.  But many organizations that aren't research intensive, still...Read more

"New" Strategy vs "Old" Strategy

We've been doing a lot of "New Strategy" work (yes, we've written about this before), involving typically one or two-day workshops with senior management and the Board, to focus...Read more

Strategy, Kodak and Apple

We have been doing a lot of what we call the “New Strategy” these days.  “Old Strategy” was a planning-heavy function, that took weeks or months, did many levels...Read more

HP Abandons Consumer Electronics - then Not!

Update - Dec 2011 - After an internal review, HP rescinded its decision to leave the personal computer business, recognizing that this compromise their economies of scale in their...Read more

Of Linkages, Long Tails, and Big Risk

One of the very real issues with big risk scenarios, is that they often have complicated fallout and get linked up with other big issues of the day.  The...Read more

RIM - The Next Two Years Really Count

RIM makes my wonderful Blackberry. I rely on it, and I work very differently now than I did before I had one. It’s a rich, potent tool, and I...Read more


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