A common strategic question these days is “how do we compete and grow” in this new digital world? From Digitization, to Digital Strategy to Customer Journey to Great Web Experiences to Marketing Budgets to drive traffic to tools to Capture Traffic to …. It’s confusing. Especially for incumbents – who generally have a pretty good model today, but need to future-proof the customer strategy.

We get it.

While all the steps have a place, and there are many component investments, and getting them out of sequence will lead to re-work and extra costs and long delays.

An additional factor is that all of the Market Research phase, the Targeting work, and the implementation (and other phases) can now be informed by really precise data and analytics approaches. That data and analysis will help you target better the first time, and without those skills you may also find a journey that is fraught with unexpected challenges.

A solid approach, and great analytics will help you to know your customer better, outpace your competition, and deliver better service at lower costs. You’ll understand how to integrate a customer and channel strategies into an operating model to provide a superior customer journey.

At Adante, we not only know the journey, the tools and approaches, we’ve partnered with leaders in the Customer Experience (or in the lingo, CX) domain who can help drive both great strategies and dramatic customer service improvements. Whether the challenge is growth, cost, service quality, competition or strategy, we and our partners can help.

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