Every single one of our clients wants more out of their data. But they want is unique to them.
There are so many challenges:
  • Many (dare i say most?) firms have data trapped in hard-to-access systems, and wait months for reports, or don't get them at all.
  • Some of those systems have "dashboards" that answer 2-3 important questions. But if your questions run deeper, it gets hard fast.
  • One of our clients has a brilliant spreadsheet that they have used over 3000 times to prepare complex quotes. Great, but try finding the quote you sent a client two years ago when they come back and look again.  Or try to find trends in wins and losses.
  • Others just know that their data has gold in there.... if only they could set it free.
  • Too often, Managers and Executives who want more are frustrated by how hard it is to get or analyze. Over time, they give up.
The real reason data, and your need to master it, are critical is that you almost certainly have at least a few competitors who are data savvy.  They are plotting, with more knowledge than you are mustering, how to do ever more advanced analyses.
You've mastered your data when you can exploit it, on demand, to make something happen.
How that happens depends, of course, on where you are starting, and where you want to go.  If you have limited data, no confidence in your data, and no trust in it, then an AI project won't be the place to start.
Becoming "data driven" doesn't happen overnight. But you can probably get some amazing results fast by asking the right questions.
And the amazing thing about amazing is that opens up your curiosity and your expectations.  It can make you want the next bit and the next bit.
We can help you every step of the way:
  • figuring out where to start;
  • getting something you can really use fast (often in under 90 days);
  • helping you build that out properly so you get great new tools fast;
  • helping you to develop all the skills you need to wrangle the data, and do the analysis to really master and exploit the data; and
  • support you to continue to grow all of your capabilities and data sets so you can reach further and do more.
And, we can do this without distracting your current team.
Whether you need a little bit of help, or a whole program, we can help.  We go from soup to nuts - from planning to infrastructure, to dashboards and KPIs, and data science models.  But mostly, we can help you be confident you are progressing down a better path.
That's data mastery.  Contact us below to learn more.