Adante is pleased to announce a partnership with ProcessPro (at

Process management and process improvement have been cornerstones of our strategy and transformation practices. And cornerstones of our clients' successes - how they differentiate themselves, and where they excel. We have worked hard on process design, documentation, process training, and so much more.

While processes sound boring, they underpin several things:

  • your customer interactions and their effectiveness (and often, a lever to improve customer satisfaction),
  • how you differentiate yourself from your competition
  • your internal efficiency, and
  • consistent profitability.

And while we've helped clients with processes, all the tools we have used have been compromises.  Had significant shortcomings. Until now.  ProcessPro is not only a game changer in process management, it's being offered with a reasonable pricing model.

The key features we like the most about ProcessPro

  • One integrated portal to access and connect all the processes. No more "here's a file, there's a file, go find it."
  • An ability to analyze process cost in a standardized way. This allows targeting your most important, or most costly or most important processes consciously.
  • The ability to have actual common processes across the organization. This matters greatly for distributed teams, where "process drift" happens everywhere, and is often invisible to process owners.
  • The opportunity for even our smaller clients to garner huge savings in onboarding and training.  You have to see the tool in action to understand this benefit, but a new employee suddenly has an up-to-date list of their key processes, the detailed steps, and can refer to it without having to ask a manager or onboarding specialist.

With our partnership, we have structured a relationship where we can both offer the tools, and the related services to our clients to help them master, ever better, their complex process environments.

We look forward to bringing this tool to our clients at the right time. If you have questions, please reach out.