After updating many millions of "forward COVID forecast" entries covering over 3100 US counties and over 40 Canadian health districts for over two years (since May 2020), we are retiring WaveReport.

Two key developments have led to the retirement - the most important being the "normalizing" of Covid now that vaccines are available.  This has lessened the overall risk for much of the population, and has given many organizations the freedom to re-open, find their new normal, and begin to worry less about virus resurgence than about resetting their businesses.

The second underpinning development, as the virus has morphed and the response along with it, the level of data and surveillance is changing. Some data is harder to get, some is now being consolidated, and reported measures are changing in some cases. While this would be a "normal" challenge in the data world, the reduced levels of concern have led to our decision to wind down WaveReport.

Clients who used the service had access to predictive information about where, specifically, at the county or district level, Covid was worsening, permitting them a small bit of heads up on resource allocation decisions.  Decisions like "should we open there next week, or wait another week," or "where to forward stage PPE," or "where additional protective measures" should be emphasized could be supported by data.

Adante appreciates having been able to provide this service, showcasing, in a small way, predictive modelling skills and making the tools available publicly and to subscribers.

Be well.