From BI to AI

We Help You Get Results

We enhance your organization’s analytics capabilities by assisting you in building a detailed analytics roadmap, and executing on the plan that builds advanced data science, and a data-driven culture. Get the most out of your data through insight and support from our highly skilled team.


Strategy & Roadmaps

Through workshops and strategy implementation projects, we build sound business strategies and execution plans. We want to help you align your organization to strategy, including analytics and data science to your strategic priorities:

Business Strategy

  • Linking our business strategy teams with analytics helps us identify "Data Driven" business models
  • New strategies to identify and monetize services and data

Analytics Strategy

  • Workshops to align data science to business objectives
  • Data Governance
  • Business Cases / Plans for major initiatives

Analytics Roadmaps

  • A larger goal or transformation may require a carefully sequenced set of projects.
  • You may need Prototypes or Proofs of Concept (POCs)

Help set priorities, define the plan, build the case, allocate resources, and help you manage results

  • Aligns strategy, the business, data, and analytics
  • Builds the business to justify the investment

Predictive Models, Analytics Projects

Can be delivered cost effectively.

Business Intelligence

  • BI Dashboards
  • Dynamic Visualization
  • Drill through Analytics

Artificial Intelligence

  • AI models for complex data interpretation
  • Machine learning
  • Neural Networks and other techniques to master deep learning models from big data

Data Management

  • Extract, enhance and leverage legacy data
  • Integrate historical data
  • Big data integration and support
  • External data integration and analysis
  • Data Warehouses and Data Lakes

Advanced Analytics

  • Predictive Modelling
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Internet of Things (IOT)
  • HR analytics
  • Fraud protection

Driving Results; Customer Insights

The key to results is our relentless focus on the underlying business challenge. The models are tools to support business outcomes

  • Leverage external demographic and other data along with internal information to drive better business results
  • Market segmentation and targeting
  • Customer segmentation and profiling


When speed and cost-effectiveness matter.

In-house or Cloud Based Services

  • Our operations focus is on automated, reliable, self-diagnosing data pipelines that deliver results
  • Product agnostic
  • Leverage our data assets, tools, infrastructure and management capabilities
  • We can host data, services,
  • We manage cloud infrastructure, whether ours our yours, deliver the key results
  • Hosted Business Intelligence - Best-in-class solutions to support managment, analysis, operations and decisions

Staffing and Development


We have team members to lend, for a project, or for a few months.  Deep experts in some of the core technologies to augment your team as you tackle a key project. Skills in key areas such as:

  • SQL  (many including MS SQL Server, and Postgres, and others)
  • Tableau and PowerBI - Leading Visualization and Dashboarding tools
  • ETL tools and pipelines - develop streamlined data management processes
  • Call us to discuss  your needs or learn more


We help with both training and leadership development.  We can provide or help you find your best options:

  • Standard courses, or content is customized to suit each client situation
  • We understand that key role in transitioning from our team to yours, the takeup of key skills by your staff
  • Coaching and Project Support for Leaders-in-development
  • We have delivered many courses both onsite and online to both client firms and through partner institutes like the Accounting and Consulting Institutes.



Project Management

Our project management approach blends traditional methods with agile methods, to help get deployable results fast.

Big Data

Big Data and Data Engineering is a key underlying component in much of our work.  Our pre-configured tools can help you get going quickly.

Risk Management is a key element of all of our projects, and a service in its own right. We not only manage risk, we can help you with risk management and Enterprise Risk Management approaches.

Change Management

Change is often a key element of a new strategy, or insightful data science outcomes. We can help accelerate and realize the benefits of change. Getting a "different result" means doing something different. Talk to us today.

Let us help you!