How Great Processes Help You

What great companies know, is that great processes are the drumbeat behind steady profits and excellent performance.

  • If your CFO wants to close the books in 3 days after month-end, that's an improved process.
  • If you want your Customer Service folks to finish calls faster with higher satisfaction - that's a process.
  • If you want newly hired staff productive faster, look at your processes.
  • In fact, almost everything is underpinned by processes.

Which is why every growing or changing company has to master process management. But most only give their process management only minimal attention.  (It's one of those things that high performers do well!)  Typical process issues range from too costly, to poor compliance, to too much variation from staff to staff, to loss of knowledge on staff departures and so many more issues.  The costs and challenges of process management are high, and often unseen, but felt frequently.

Until Now.  A new tool we love can help you speed your way through these issues like a pro. A process pro.

What is Process Pro

ProcessPro is a cloud-based process management platform that empowers managers & teams to take charge of their processes, continuously improve, and collaborate to stabilize their operations, reduce risk, and increase the sense of ownership over activities and tasks. 

ProcessPro looks like other visual process modelling tools, but it does so much more.  It permits the deeper analysis and has collaboration capabilities to help you identify true best-in-class processes, to eliminate inefficiencies, to improve and innovate to deliver better products or services, and to correct compliance issues. Click here to learn more about ProcessPro

Sounds like a lot right? It is.  And our service package makes it even more powerful. Good software. Fast Benefits.

Adante and Process Pro

While ProcessPro as a tool is a great idea by itself, a great software product is never the whole answer. What  you do with software matters a lot. Adante can help you get started and manage the migration and extract the benefits. Your current processes are somewhere, probably. In Word documents, in Visio documents, in people's heads. Maybe all those places, and others too.  Some processes are missing. And if you are "transforming" your "next state" processes may matter even more than your current processes.

Our focus is that we help you drive success.  What does success mean? Our services focus on:

  • getting your core processes into ProcessPro quickly - we can help with that.
  • onboarding your processes and users in a way you can analyze and benefit from the most important features.
  • identifying and reviewing key processes, so you can focus on or even transform your most important processes first.  Maybe your most costly or annoying processes.
  • We can help you capture your "good practices" and update them to reflect even better "best practice approach"
  • We can help you target processes for digitalization - things you do manually today you should really just automate....  (We can help you do that too).
  • We can help you onboard your team and get them to collaborate on the processes that still are "in people's heads"  (more common than you know)
  • We can help you identify the right rollout team and then (likely annual) review schedules to take your processes from "locked down" to "refreshed and supporting innovation"

Adante is a certified reseller, and partner of ProcessPro, because we use it and because we really like it.  Ask us how it helps us help clients.


Key Benefits

As the cornerstone of our methodology, ProcessPro and Adante can provide the following benefits: 

  • Simple and accurate process modelling notation that integrates processes into larger workflows
  • Collaborative development and documentation of business processes with the ability to include live references to internal documents
  • Facilitating process analysis, change management, and governance 
  • Accelerated migration by auto-ingesting existing process assets in multiple formats, including Visio processes, which eliminates the need for recreating them from scratch.   
  • Promotes team engagement by allowing all participants (owners, SMEs, etc.) to collaborate or improve processes 
  • Ability to import, export, and share processes 
  • Ability to accelerate new process creation / documentation with integrated AI 
  • A per-process (vs. per user) licensing model that promotes adoption 


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