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Strategy, Data, Transformation. Three inter-related service areas. Designed to help you move forwards confidently. Low-risk projects. Forward-looking strategies. Figuring out how to de-risk the hard stuff. Future-proofing the enterprise.



Your Challenge

Our clients all know that in a few years, their business will be different. Your people will do different things, your revenue mix will change. Your clients will want different things. But for many, they are so busy doing what's needed today, it's hard to step out and make time to think and plan for the "next big thing."

How We Help:

We work with you to build on research, apply critical, insightful analysis, and lead workshops and strategy implementation projects. We work with you to develop sound business strategies and execution plans. We help you align your organization to strategy, including, where appropriate, data project and transformation projects.

We can help you drive your strategic priorities:

Business Strategy

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Governance
  • Risk Management

Business and Technology Intersections

  • IT Strategy
  • Major System Changes
  • Customer Experience
  • Digital Transformation
  • Data Driven Business Models

Analytics Strategy

  • Workshops to align data science to business objectives
  • Governance

Process Management

Your Challenge

Almost all of our clients want more and better from their data. Clearer analysis. Faster Calls to Action. Sharper Insights. Identifying and Exposing the "best" KPIs. Better External Data. Online responsiveness. Driving a more data-informed culture.

How We Help:

Our BI, analytics and data team / practice can help you with both strategic insight and specific bi and analytics projects aligned to drive great results:

  • Aligns strategy, the business, data, and analytics
  • Builds the business to justify the investment
  • Roadmaps and Strategies
  • Strategic Intitiative analysis
  • Predictive Models
  • Simulations
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) including image and Natural Language Processing
  • Internet of Things sensor data (IoT)

See our full analytics and data science services at: Data Science and Analytics

[Digital] Transformation

Your Challenge

Sometimes you need to do something new and different, and maybe soon. But these "transformation" projects (whether "digital" or "regular") are hard, partly because sometimes you know that you don't even know enough to plan it well. Or the leaders you want to assign it to need coaching. Or one or two of the parts are tricky or new to you. We can help you plan and de-risk these complex projects. While they are tricky, our senior team has lots of experience navigating difficult transformations. We can help you chart the path.

How We Help:

Our senior team can help you get your transformation program humming. What we know is that transformation is a "whole team" project. You may need a more digital presence.. but how will that change sales, or marketing, or fulfillment, or quality management. You ahve a large number of processes that will be different. A successful transformation is rarely limited to one group or unit.

We provide a range of services to help with transformation:

  • Transformation Planning
  • Transformation Program Review and Recommendations
  • Regular Check-ins and Coaching for Transformation Leaders
  • Process Transformation Tools & Support
  • Ongoing Architectural Guidance
  • Fractional Chief Transformation Officer
  • Mentoring for Leaders

Ask us about our Methodology for Planning and Assessing Transformation.


Project Management

Our project management approach blends traditional methods with agile methods, to help get deployable results fast.

Big Data

Big Data and Data Engineering is a key underlying component in much of our work.  Our pre-configured tools can help you get going quickly.

Risk Management is a key element of all of our projects, and a service in its own right.  We not only manage risk, we can help you with risk management and Enterprise Risk Management approaches.

Change Management

Change is often a key element of a new strategy, or insightful data science outcomes. We can help accelerate and realize the benefits of change.  Getting a "different result" means doing something different. Talk to us today.

Let us help you!